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Example of SignalR with F-Sharp (and Silverlight 5 or Javascript):**

- SignalR is a library (for web-based Publish/Subscribe -pattern) on top
of WebSockets, which is HTML5 API that enables bi-directional communication
between the browser and server. SignalR will fallback to other techniques and
technologies when WebSockets are not available.

- F-Sharp (F#) is multiparadigm (functional-first) programming language
mainly for .NET environment.

- This sample uses Reactive Extensions 2.1 to communicate with SignalR,
on both client and server side. Reactive Extensions is a library to
compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable
collections and LINQ-style query operators.

- For server side:
This could work purely from F# as Owin ( console application
but now F#-server-side is called from an empty ASP.NET C# Web Application.
(You can start OWin from F# Interactive...)

- For client side:
Silverlight 5.0 application using F#-library
and Silverlight 5.0 XAML/C# application to show the user interface.
There is also jQuery/JavaScript test page, if you don't want to use Silverlight.

- This proof of concept/sample/tutorial/demo is developed with
Visual Studio 2012. References are resolved via NuGet.
F# compiler won't auto-restore packages on compile.
So go first to Tools -> Library Package Manager -> NuGet
and press "Restore" to restore all the references, and then rebuild.**

- SignalR supports two kinds of connections: Hub and PersistentConnection
Both are working with Silverlight and JavaScript.

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